"The customer is associated in a project which brings the outdoor space to the rank of a real place of life, in a very personalized way. This common elaboration of a project that we work out together, this co-building which guarantees a real taking over of the future garden, is a very attractive concept in this era of the whole “turnkey project”. "Anne C ( Caromb)

" Pleasant and nice Collaboration. Serious and well-kept work " Marianne F (Plan d' orgon)

"I could summarize your contribution thus: in front of a very mineral external big space (new house), and not raised, your work made it possible to know how to structure the various zones according to their use and of our tastes, while bringing there the ideas and the plans necessary for the planting of the unit. We began work, the first results are very encouraging and incite us to continue." Arlette and Ghislain V (Maubec)

"You gave us ideas to renovate an old garden which had not been maintained during several years. Your councils, your plans and your suggestions allowed us to conceptualize our future garden. We know which species now to plant, how to organize our bed flowers, how to mask opposite view. Your technical and esthetic advices were an invaluable help. Large a mercy!" Virginie and Emmanuel (Velleron)

This project seemed to me coherent from the beginning. On the one hand he gave an overall answer, on the other hand he was in adequacy with my waitings as regards budget. Today installation carried out is as pleasant as in the project,
it is harmonious and will be perennial. The development of space has already a positive impact on the image of the field, as well as a side “Zen” very pleasant for those which mix with it the every day! Hélène C (Courthèzon).
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